Power switching cabinets ATS >> ATS 65A - 100A

Name of product: ATS 65A - 100A

Product detail


1. When grid power supply for Timer1 and Timer1 will adjust period 0 - 60 seconds, automatically close contact often open to power Timer1 K1 (coil) Contactor power play to take place in (for all the industrial electronics & telecommunications).

2. When grid power loss immediately release Contactor generators automatically power off, power controller is connected to the normally closed contacts of the Contactor for grid electricity supply for Timer2.

3. Timer2 is time adjustment 0 - 10 minute auto shut normally open contacts K2 and powering of Timer2 (coil) Contactor generator will automatically shut off power to put the load (for all the electronic equipment industry & telecommunications).

4. There are automatic charging circuit for recharging the A Rate of the weak generator & automatic cut off electrical current to the load when the battery is full.

 5. There are functions to allow time for the operation of the generator (installed from 0h to 24h), depending on equipment uptime for alignment.

6. There are mechanical interlock between the Contactor (1 of 2 only allows booting from closed source).

7. There By pass (and automatically switches manually when ATS was a problem).

8. Having the display mode:

- Grid signal lights, signal lights generators, lights signaling load, voltage meter displays load.


1. Enclosures are used Tol 10mm, powder coated in accordance with Norwegian environmental temperature & moisture resistant.

2. Alarm clock power source to the load of specialized equipment in Taiwan.

3. The light power of the signal generator - power grids, are using the power of  Taiwan's  special.

4. Real-time control system (timer) Taiwan's special.

5. Real-time control systems for turbines used exclusively French.

6. Mainboard power control for battery charging automatic generator of specialized imported components.

7. The system opens automatically by booting from (contactor) specialized imported

8. The station busbar connections made xi Ken Copper is used exclusively in Japan. The same high-quality components are assembled inside the cabinet, ...