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Ổ cắm đa năng: New 2038 (Công suất 10A)

Name of product: Electrical socket types: New 2038 (load capacity 10A)

Product detail

With the motto: "PRESTIGE - QUALITY SAFETY - REASONABLE PRICE". Always be specific to the forefront, HANSINCO® device: :

Assembled by the materials and components imported from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, with high quality and thoroughly tested before being put into production: Leaves the "Zin" best quality silver handle and create resilient electrical contact is very high.

Applies the quality management system ISO Comprehensive - 9001:2008 - USA, produced by electrical safety standards Vietnam: ISO 6478 - 6479:1999.

STYLE: Elegance, compact, beautiful, diverse models to meet all purposes.

ADVANTAGES: elastic spring socket contact is good, no generator arc, polar grounding to ensure safety of use, good heat resistance, suitable for all plugs on the market, with fuse automatic power cut protection devices are used when there is a problem when the power supply, ensure safe and does not cause short wire explosion.

Withstand the environment when used from 50C -> 750C

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