Some checking and repairing the machine when you have trouble

Most people use computers today use mechanical servo system, the same control method, the fix is quite simple. Here are some checking and repairing the machine when you have problems.

- The issue of power transformer copper surface is oxidized, the more moisture will cause dust exposure to the bad run. Then, you will hear a voice inside Stabilizers "creaking" because motor to rotate continuously, the voltage output is flickering. Use coarse sandpaper to the cleaning of the surface of the copper wire and run. If you run it using charcoal, you should clean with fine sandpaper.

- Belt broken: Type Stabilizers have used the belt to rotate the wheels to power often unsafe. If the wire is broken vibrator flat voice sound strong or unusual. You replace another wire, low-cost devices, only 14,000 VND / item.

- Damaged motor: When broken, the motor does not rotate and the timid voice. You should be replaced. Note, when changing to uninstall regulator circuit inside the motor speed and to remember negative - positive.

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