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  • When you buy your steady pressure will HANSINCO 03 year warranty and free installation as required by you. For machines from 10KVA up. All electrical equipment is warranted 01 years.
  • During the 03 months from the date of your purchase, if technical problems are 100% on new machines, provided computer by using the correct technique and Catalog Warranty attached and not distorted, scratched noon.
  • During the warranty period, if you want to increase capacity from small to large, they must have the agreement of both parties, as of the current price that you already use and offset the difference in cost of product category cheek You need to buy.
  • When using any product HANSINCO advantages will come to you. HANSINCO will safeguard the electrical equipment that you are using.
  • Genuine products, with high durability, power savings, always a pioneer in the field of research, production and development of Voltage and Electrical equipment.
  • All products are produced HANSINCO origin and place of manufacture. Norms quality registration Department of Quality Measurement Center III and Department of Intellectual Property granted.
  • Produced under the quality management system ISO 9001:2008 International USA issued.
  • This product was HANSINCO consumers choose and evaluate one product with the highest quality titles to reach Gold Cup:

    ◦ Topten Industry in Vietnam Trademark Integration WTO.
    ◦ Prestige Brands Quality in 2009.
    ◦ Cup Super strong brand and Sustainable Development.
    ◦ Viet Nam Powerful trade mark 2009.
    ◦ Cup Golden Lotus Brands Top Vietnam & International.

  • In the process of purchasing products HANSINCO are big or small bills and votes of warranty specified address and the warranty period.
  • Any questions you have the right to appeal and will respond as comments.
    Please please phone the number:
    Tel : (84-28) 3755 3932 - 3755 3933 hoặc 0913. 804 213
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